Interior Photo: Christopher McCool

Interior Photo: Christopher McCool

Since 2009
We are skin detectives, experts in understanding what self-care rituals you need most. We inquire about what you put in your body, in your mind, how you care for yourself through daily rituals. Our priority is to be your trusted source of inspiration, knowledge, goods and services that care for all of you.
The more we know, the better able we are to provide professional advice to help you Magnify Your Beauty inside and out! 

All facials are laden with attentive, focused facial massage in the European tradition.
Any ingredient that touches you is Vegan, Food Grade and Organic when possible.
Only the best for you! 

First time facials here do not include extractions.
We believe every face would benefit from a facial at least 4 times per year at the change of the season. 

We only use Sugar Paste for Hair Removal

You are beautiful NOW
  you are beautiful simply because you are! you arrive beautiful, no service, nothing you buy or do will make you beautiful. you are exquisitely you: your face, your skin, your eyes there is only one you and therefore extraordinarily beautiful. {sigh}

Unlimited Acceptance
beings are varied, eccentric and no two are alike. so, guess what? we have no judgement on who you are, how you live and best of all we know the best beauty remedy of all..accepting your fine self! which leads to devoting time and resources to appreciating who you are. we are adept at provoking lush celebration of your exclusive beauty.

Ritual of Self Care
show you care to that special someone...yourself! everyday is your chance to lavish yourself with attentive action. we all deserve compassion, love and kindness via tender care of one another starting from self. maybe tonight as you wash your face you look into yourself and see the bright beauty looking back, fearless and remember you are your most potent ally. we are servants to this mission.

Intangibles Matter 
the unseen is a powerful force. we intentionally create a place that feels good, where the spirit is safe. your mind will be refreshed with a gentle guided meditation to remind you of the power you have within.